2018 Summer Assignments

Schoolwide Summer Assignment Directions

Summer assignments are due when you return to school in the Fall. Please review individual assignments for specific teacher instructions and due date. If you received an assignment in class but do not see it listed on this page, you must complete the assignment given to you by your teacher.

Any inquiries regarding the summer assignment should be sent to taedisononline@gmail.com. Please write Summer Assignment on the subject line.

English Summer Assignments


Read one literary work of fiction and one nonfiction book from the list below. This will be a total of two books.  Be sure that you read titles listed for your grade level as of September. Also, if you do not have an active library card, please obtain one during the summer.

When you return to school in the fall, you will be tested on your summer reading assignment.  This exam will be administered during the first marking period and will count as a test grade.  In order to prepare for the exam you should take thorough, hand-written notes while you are reading.   For each book that you read, your notes should include: the title, author, names of the main characters, setting, theme and a brief description of the plot.  In addition, you should maintain an ongoing list of new vocabulary words and their definitions.

Grade 11

Grade 12

Advanced Placement Summer Assignments

Directions: If you have been accepted to an Advanced Placement (AP) class, please complete the Summer Assignment(s) listed below that pertain to you.

Social Studies

CTE Summer Assignments

Directions: Please follow submission instructions on individual assignments.

Digital Media

Medical Assisting

Web Design